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Antonio Farré

About us


The passion for architecture began in Antonio Farré at a very early age, due to the training that his father transmitted to him since he was a child. After concluding his studies in 1990, Farré founded his own architectural firm "Antonio Farré Arquitecto", going through different typologies over the years while maintaining his essence, which permeates and makes his work stand out as a hallmark. His architecture is: timeless, balanced and sophisticated.

The firm's experience includes renovations at the Asturiano private club in Mexico City, chapels, hotels and public squares. They represent projects that have broadened the spectrum of design opportunities. Solving from small details to the complexity of large buildings and urban proposals.

After designing and building more than 100 residences and apartments, the firm Antonio Farré Arquitecto has established itself as an expert in the comfort, spaciousness, privacy, efficiency and delight that a house provides to a human being.

Antonio Farré Arquitecto has evolved over time being aware that architecture recognizes the constant political, economic and social changes; however, always committed to excellence in design and technology to provide solutions to beneficiaries.


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